Performance and Traceability in Input Racks in the Industry with Artificial Vision.



Technologies used

The challenge

Tenaris TAMSA, a leading company in the steel pipe industry, faced the challenge of optimizing the input rack areas for pipes. The stored pieces enter the process by gravity due to the inclined position of the rack, making it difficult to identify the pieces, resulting in delays, identification errors, and a significant lack of safety due to manual movements by personnel to view the stencil that identifies each piece.

The solution

Giga IT proposed an improvement to their process, which consists of an innovative system that identifies the tube by its stencil as it advances with a rotating motion, all thanks to an intelligent algorithm that analyzes images sent by a high-speed and high-resolution camera.

The results

  • Reduction in tube identification time
  • Decrease in identification errors
  • Improvement in the efficiency of the production process
  • Increase in production capacity

Their communication was good and very fluid. We’re still using the platforms they developed, and it has been a positive relationship.

IT Manager

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