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Partnering with industry leaders such as Audi and Unicef, spanning across healthcare, fintech, and manufacturing sectors among others.

Our solutions

Data science

Data Science

Analyze and use the information to your advantage to make strategic decisions for your business.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

Craft seamless web experiences by bridging the gap between design and functionality with our expert full-stack development services.​

Artificial Inteligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the integration of algorithms designed to enable machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.​

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Whether you envision a game-changing Android app or an intuitive iOS experience, we bring your mobile vision to life. Our cross-platform app development approach empowers you to reach both Google Play and Apple App Store audiences with a single codebase, maximizing efficiency and speed to market.​



Robotics is the interdisciplinary science encompassing mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science, focused on the design, construction, operation, structure, manufacture, and application of robots.



Artificial vision is a technology that enables machines to efficiently identify and describe images, using artificial intelligence and machine learning for object recognition, facial recognition, classification, and monitoring.

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Why join Giga IT

Join a company that embraces fresh ideas, where innovation thrives. Let’s collaborate to reshape the technological horizon.

The Perks

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We learn together

Your professional grow is our priority.


Access a comprehensive course library to acquire or enhance skills. From software development to soft skills, your growth path is in your hands.

Leadership Formation

Unleash your leadership potential through hands-on sessions where you’ll learn team management, decision-making, and how to become an inspiring leader.

English Learning Program
Language academy discounts, mentoring program, conversation workshops: Reach your learning goals efficiently.
We tackle topics such as nutrition, mental health, and overall well-being to enhance your daily life and ensure holistic wellness.
Giga Talks
We gather monthly to connect and share knowledge and information on various topics.
Giga Business
We believe it’s essential for you to understand the business and its scope. That’s why we are organizing this monthly meeting to delve deeper into the company’s operations.

We grow together

We value your contribution and ensure it’s recognized.

Competitive salaries

Based on experience and skills, with regular reviews to ensure fairness.

Exclusive Benefits Club
Enjoy a wide range of discounts and special offers at various businesses and institutions.
Referral Program
Help us build our team. Refer a talent for our openings, and if selected, earn financial incentives.
Financial Education Workshops

Seminars and workshops to help you manage your finances effectively.

We empower people

Valuing diversity in all its forms, we create an inclusive environment where every voice matters.

Open Door Policy
Your voice matters to us. That’s why you’ll find spaces for open and transparent communication where you can talk to anyone in the company regardless of their seniority.
Diverse and Inclusive work environment
You’ll feel accepted, valued, and supported, empowering you to reach your full potential always.
Feedback is a Gift
We value your feedback on your experience at GIGA to continuously improve so we run periodic climate surveys.
GIGA Buddies supporting your start
Throughout your onboarding, you will have a buddy that will be by your side every step of the way offering support and guidance during your initial days at GIGA.
Festive Celebrations
We share traditions, mark special occasions, and celebrate cultural events representing the diversity of our region.

We balance our daily lives

We are committed to providing an environment that promotes your holistic well-being.

Wellness Program

Offering active pauses and rest spaces alongside training and resources to prevent stress and burnout.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Recharge and enjoy your time off with minimum 15 paid days off per year for full-time and 8 days for part-time employees.

Bring your passion to life

Whether it’s building world-class technology, leading high-performing teams, or bringing unique expertise to the table, GIGA IT offers a place for you to thrive.

  • Technology & Development

Become a consulting or a cutting-Edge Dev for many industries and markets.

  • Marketing & Growth

Drive strategic growth initiatives and shape our brand identity.

  • Talent Team & HR

Empower a diverse and thriving team where everyone can excel.

  • Administration & Accounting

Ensure smooth operations and maintain strong financial practices.

  • Project Management
    Office (PMO)

Make data-driven decisions that deliver impact across departments and locations.

  • Operations

Build robust solutions using cutting-edge engineering and software.


Since joining GIGA IT, I have had the support of the team, allowing me to develop skills and giving me the freedom to propose solutions.

Lourdes – Mexico
Document Controller Analyst

At GIGA IT, we work as a team implementing best practices and prioritizing continuous improvement to achieve optimal results.

Martín – Argentina
Delivery Director USA

I highlight the opportunity that GIGA IT has given me to develop professionally. It has been very fruitful and enriching in my career.

Eduardo – Mexico

GIGA IT listens, acknowledges, and promotes. It’s an ideal breeding ground for growing your creativity and doing your bit to the evolutionary development of software, built with technologies and tools that are constantly updated.

Hugo – Mexico
Software Developer – Nearshore Services

Working for GIGA IT, I have had many opportunities for learning and growth; it is a company that is constantly evolving, which has contributed to improving my experience, with new challenges and opportunities for learning.

Shirley – Colombia
Human Capital Administration Analyst

What I value most about my journey at GIGA is the trust they gave me from my first day, which has generated enormous motivation and growth for me during these first two years.

Francisco – Argentina
Software Developer

Empowering Women in Tech

At GIGA, we’re dedicated to fostering gender diversity and inclusivity. 56% of our leadership roles are held by women.

Hear from our women leaders as they share their inspiring journeys and insights.

What drives me in this tech world is the constant change and evolution of my work. where I get to improve people’s daily lives…As a woman in the tech industry, I am firmly convinced that we must continue working towards equal representation and opportunities for women.

Lucero – Mexico
IT Manager

Being a woman in technology means diving into a world of knowledge that wasn’t part of my upbringing. I found myself learning new skills and concepts that were once unfamiliar to me. It’s about adapting and thriving in an environment where agility is key, yet often underdeveloped in many companies. It’s about approaching problems with a unique perspective, one that is focused on the end user and their needs. Being a woman in technology isn’t just about breaking barriers; it’s about reshaping the landscape, one innovative solution at a time.

Carolina – Argentina
Total Rewards & Performance Manager

As a woman in the technology industry, I perceive myself as a catalyst for transformative change and relentless innovation. It entails traversing a dynamic landscape where the tapestry of diverse perspectives isn’t merely appreciated but indispensable. Beyond dismantling barriers, being a woman in technology signifies reconstructing the narrative, reshaping the industry with each pioneering stride nurturing an environment of inclusivity and empowerment within an ever-evolving ecosystem.

Laura – Argentina
Marketing Manager

In the tech world, leadership should be defined by ability and vision, not gender or identity. Embracing diversity in our leaders not only drives innovation but also paves the way for a more inclusive future. Let’s commit to a sector where everyone’s potential to lead is recognized and nurtured, fostering an environment where the only limits are those of our own creativity and commitment.

Human Capital Director

We don’t just fill vacancies,
we build your future.

At GIGA IT, we’re all about unlocking your potential. We use strength-based matching to find the perfect fit, connecting you with roles that ignite your passions, not just fill a vacancy.

Don’t see your dream job listed? No worries! Fill out our open application and tell us what makes you tick. We’re always searching for exceptional talent to join our team.

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