Reducing Borax Emissions at FAT3.



The challenge

The bustling Nave de FAT3, a key component of the manufacturing industry, faced a pressing environmental challenge: excessive emissions from its borax aspiration system. These emissions posed a significant threat to air quality and the surrounding ecosystem, demanding immediate attention.

The solution

Giga IT, a leading technology provider, stepped up to the challenge, partnering with the Nave de FAT3 team to devise a sustainable solution. Our team of experienced engineers meticulously designed modifications to the existing ductwork, ensuring a comprehensive transformation of the gas scrubber and the replacement of the ventilation damper.

At the heart of this environmental transformation lay the implementation of Advanced Filtration Technology. This cutting-edge technology enabled the effective capture of harmful borax particles, significantly reducing their release into the atmosphere.

The results

The project’s impact was both immediate and profound:

  • Reduced Environmental Emissions: The modified aspiration system dramatically reduced borax emissions, safeguarding the environment and contributing to a cleaner, healthier atmosphere.

  • Enhanced System Performance: The improved aspiration system not only minimized environmental impact but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the borax handling process.

  • Sustainable Future: The project laid the foundation for a more sustainable future at Nave de FAT3, demonstrating the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


They’re fast and efficient, and their team is highly qualified. We’re still using the platforms they developed, and it has been a positive relationship.

IT Manager

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