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The challenge

Enco Expres, a leading logistics provider, faced the challenge of optimizing its operations to enhance package tracking and management. The company sought to develop a mobile application that would streamline the tracking process, improve customer experience, and optimize overall shipment management.

The solution

Giga IT partnered with Enco Expres to embark on a collaborative and interdisciplinary journey to transform their logistics operations. Our team of experienced engineers and developers, spanning across diverse locations, worked closely with Encoexpres to understand their unique needs and challenges.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we developed a robust mobile application that seamlessly integrated with Enco Expres’ existing systems. The application utilized Cloud-Based Infrastructure, ensuring scalability, reliability, and accessibility across various devices.

The results

  • Cost Reduction: The mobile application streamlined operations, reducing overall costs by 50%. This significant cost saving enabled Enco Expres to reinvest in its services and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The application provided real-time tracking capabilities, empowering customers to stay informed about their package deliveries. This transparency and timely updates significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Optimized Shipment Management: The application streamlined shipment management processes, providing Encoexpres with a centralized platform to monitor, track, and manage shipments efficiently. This optimization led to reduced errors, improved delivery times, and increased overall efficiency.


This partnership has significantly improved our customer satisfaction and overall logistics operations. Giga IT truly understands the needs of the logistics industry.

Project Manager

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