Ins and Outs of Creating an Integrated and Efficient Staff Augmentation Team


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Historically, outsourcing has been a great strategy to achieve company goals while utilizing the least resources possible to advance strategic objectives. This is why companies that value expert services at fair prices have quickly adopted this delivery model. And based on the present market’s needs, outsourcing organizations are quickly expanding the scalability of the services they offer through staff augmentation.

On a large scale, traditional staff augmentation impacts the world economy. Statistics show the total outsourcing market was capped at $400 billion globally. This was not only influenced by the fact that it is cost-effective but also because businesses frequently prefer it to concentrate on their primary business operations. This promotes flexibility, accelerates time to market, and improves the quality of services for new projects.

So, what must companies do to create an integrated and efficient staff augmentation team? We will explore strategies your company can take to make this happen. Let’s dive in!

Why Consider Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation services can be immensely beneficial to any company, especially in terms of:

  • Flexibility: Staff augmentation is the ideal alternative for businesses with a sizable impending project because it is flexible to business situations and is secured by a talent-sourcing vendor. By doing this, businesses can take on projects of any scale and complexity.
  • Recruiting Time: Headhunting is a taxing endeavor. But with staff augmentation, you can collaborate with service providers with a large database of vetted experts to swiftly match them to your needs.
  • Expenses: Staff augmentation services save on organizing a new workplace and providing equipment, software, and other office necessities. Plus, you won’t have to handle the paperwork that comes with employee taxes, sick time, health insurance, and vacation. The staff augmentation service company will take care of all of it.
  • Staff Management: Staff augmentation offers greater control over the team and the process than contract outsourcing. You have greater power when you perform management tasks independently instead of delegating team management to an outsourced company.

How to Create an Integrated and Efficient Staff Augmentation Team

Even though staff augmentation may sound advantageous, many businesses still have reservations about it. This is because they are unsure how to bring in their permanent employees to collaborate with the temporary resources provided by a staff augmentation service.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and strategies that team managers can take to overcome the hurdles and fears associated with integrating staff augmentation resources into an existing IT staff.

Intentionally Building Relationships

Intentionally developing relationships with each of your coworkers is crucial if you want to work as a team and pursue the same objective. According to a Harvard Business Review, senior firm leaders are first in line to be focused on establishing and sustaining social connections across the corporation. It is essential to enhance communication, boost idea sharing, and foster a sense of belonging among staff members for both work teams to function successfully.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

Speaking of building relationships, nothing will hold it together better than clear communication channels. Establishing open lines of communication with your augmented IT personnel is crucial for ensuring seamless integration. Ensure everyone has been informed of the project’s objectives, schedule, and deliverables. 

Although all businesses have channels for discussing work-related concerns, it’s a good idea to have less formal chat rooms where employees can discuss their daily lives and their weekends or celebrate friends’ birthdays. Your working relationship will be reinforced by improving the interpersonal connections among team members.

Culture, Culture, Culture!

It’s crucial to create a collaborative team culture. Focus on soft skills, shared values, and effective communication to close the communication gap across internal and external staff and promote a cooperative, teamwork-oriented culture. Additionally, using specialized project managers to monitor collaboration and project development might aid in integrating remote professionals into the workplace atmosphere.


Augmented staff may be specialists and adept at working with various tools. However, this does not automatically translate to them adjusting to the company’s speed and nature of work. Therefore, executives must ensure that coaching and mentoring are ingrained in their daily conduct and corporate culture. This will help them adapt more quickly and promote the development of a collaborative culture.

Next Steps: Fostering Collaboration With Augmented IT Staff

Next Steps: Fostering Collaboration With Augmented IT Staff

Although it takes time and attention, developing an effective team is achievable with the right strategy. Team building aims to create an atmosphere where everyone feels inspired and appreciated while working together to achieve shared objectives.

How to Create an Integrated and Efficient Staff Augmentation Team

At Giga IT, we value an atmosphere where employees feel free to discuss ideas openly. Your company will succeed with our IT solutions and services while spending less time and money. Contact us today and learn how to integrate your augmented IT staff into your team for maximum performance.

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